Today we have Nick Loper on the podcast.  Nick is a full time Podcaster, author, and side hustling genius.  We talked about how he pitched his TEDx speech, getting more done in less time, and how he breaks down his big goals.

Here is an *almost* full list of what we talked about:

  • Going where the customers are, why and how to work smarter not harder
  • Trying things out for short time periods so you don’t get discouraged if it isn’t for you
  • Put in the hustle – why people will respect you for it and help you out
  • Doing a TEDx Talk
  • How he got booked as a speaker
  • Building a side hustle while working full time
  • When is a good time to quit your job
  • Why you might want to pick a smaller sea to swim in
  • How to not lose motivation by focusing on the things you like to do
  • He is a to-do list junkie – the simple tool he uses to keep himself accountable (hint, it’s yellow)
  • Theming out work days for maximum productivity
  • How he broke down his “Write Book” goal into a simple todo list
  • Why publicly stating what his goals are for the next weeks helps keep him keep accountable on what he will actually get done