Today I’m talking with Espree Devora.  She is the creator and host of We Are LA Tech Podcast and she runs and offline experience club for LA startups.  Her nickname is “The Girl Who Gets it Done”, and I wanted to talk to her about how she accomplishes her goals.  We also talked about how to create Pilot Programs for your ideas, how to move your dreams forward, and why you need to keep it as simple and easy as possible.

An “almost” complete list of what we talked about:

  • Doing a goals check in
  • The ripple effect – How little actions can have large effects
  • Analyze your actions to see if you are moving your dreams forward
  • How to find alignment in your life
  • How to find Mindfulness
  • Why there is no straight line to reach your goals
  • Taking time for yourself to keep yourself happy and motivated
  • Take one step forward every day – even if it isn’t perfect
  • 5 minute journal app
  • Using surveys to figure out what people actually want
  • Committing for short time periods, like 3 months, then reevaluate after to see if you want to continue
  • Create pilot programs
  • Creating processes so you can take yourself out of the jobs you don’t enjoy doing
  • How to follow up with people
  • Theming your days
  • Spending your time consciously