Today I am talking with Andrew Warner of Mixergy.  He has interviewed almost 1,500 entrepreneurs on how they built their businesses.  In this conversation, you will learn exactly what habits Andrew implemented to build Mixergy, how to host an awesome party, and the secret technique to break into any industry.  We also talked about how internal vs external accountability.

Here is an *almost* full list of what we talked about:

  • How to have a great party or meetup – Co-host! – Invite 4 people as co-hosts then have them all invite 4 people
  • Events give Andrew an excuse to invite and talk to anyone and everyone he found interesting
  • Why the magic of interviewing allows you to get to really know someone better than you ever imagined
  • The real reason he got a dog  *Hint it has to do with being productive
  • Why finding a dedicated workplace away from distractions is so important
  • External accountability and internal accountability
  • Why he paid someone to look over his shoulder during work and how it made him a better businessman
  • Batching tasks for certain days.  What he batches on which day and how he organizes his week
  • What is Truemind and how to release it
  • Journaling – Why you need to let all the wretched stuff out
  • Working in hotels even when you have an office – why and how to do it
  • How Andrew uses beads to keep him focused during the day