About Me


Oh, my short description in the sidebar wasn’t enough? You want to know a little more about me?


Hey, I’m Nick. I’m the kind of guy who is great at starting projects, but not so great and keeping my projects going to completion. For example, if you look hard enough, you can find 5, maybe more, YouTube channels I’ve started over the years that I never brought to fruition. That’s me, a 3 Day Monk.

A 3 Day monk is a person who gets extremely interested in something and pours their all into it, only to only quit a short while later.

I’ve always a had that problem.  At one time I thought it was my curse.  But now I’ve just accepted it as part of me.  You see, I’ve always been great at starting things.  I’ve started YouTube channels, I’ve started Podcasts, I’ve started businesses, over and over again.  Each time I achieve so

me type of success.  A hundred thousand views here, a couple hundred bucks earn there.

But each time I quit.  

So I set out on this journey of learning the secrets of the successful.

My goal is to learn all the little stuff they do in their lives that make them successful.  Do they batch all their calls to certain days?  How do they strengthen their minds’ so the bad thoughts don’t take over?  I want to know how they run their lives and what makes them successful.  

Over the years I’ve been a professional handyman, I’ve worked on movies like Avatar, Iron Man 2, and TinTin, I’ve been a logistics manager for Fortune 500 Company, and I’ve scrubbed fish tanks for rich dudes.  

Right now I run a Podcast on how to be the best self-possible.

I want to reach my biggest goals, and I want you to reach yours.  That’s what 3 Day Monk is about.  And it is what I am about.

3 Day Monk